image by Adrianne Shelton, Beatific Visions Photography

Raise your hand if you love fall as much as we do!

Here at TKP, we are all about those fall traditions that bring family and friends close, even if they might look a little different this year. We would love to hear about your favorite fall traditions, along with an image from your absolute favorite fall family or maternity session. Bring on those pictures that give us all the fall feels - crisp air, falling leaves, cozy sweaters, apple picking and pumpkin everything.

To submit, email us at with the following information by September 30th, 2020:

Your Name

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2-3 sentences about your favorite fall tradition and how it brings family and friends together

1-2 images from your favorite fall family or maternity session that you have done, or ones you have taken of your own family celebrating a fall tradition (because we know we all do this too)

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