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January 12, 2023 - Carefree, Warm & Loving

Updated: Feb 2

By Beth Hicks, B Lauren Photography

Boulder, CO



About This Session:

I enjoyed every moment of this session but mostly the warmth, sentiment and tone of casualness of this beautiful family. Nicole and Andrew brought along their favorite boys-1 year old Liam and fur baby Ajax. Both loved the open space, ability to run around and most importantly make appearances on their own terms. This gave us the most carefree, warm and loving expressions any photography could dream of. Needless to say, the candid snaps on film were a perfect addition to this spectacular scene and fully embraced the emotion of the shoot.


Moms dress: Nordstrom, Veronica Beard, Satori Ruffle Cotton Eyelet Maxi Dress

Dad's shirt: Abercrombie and Fitch

Baby's outfit: Mayoral, shoes Piper Finn

Equipment Used:

Nikon d610

Nikon FE

Kodak Porta 160


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