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January 18, 2024 - A Wildlife Garden Session

By Brooke Lacombe Photography

Ottawa, Ontario

About the Session:

In December 2022, this mother won a year-end giveaway of mine and opted to use her prize for a fall session. As a result, her and I had ten months of engagement on social media, providing me with the opportunity to truly get to know this mother, her story, and perspective on motherhood. Carrying herself with kindness and patience, this mother lives each day with an immense amount of gratitude after a challenging journey to motherhood, which in her heart means —

“Motherhood for me is showing up for your babies even when the days are hard and the nights are long. It’s showering your babies with all the love you possibly can. It’s putting their happiness and well-being a head of your own. It’s doing the right thing even when you don’t know what the right thing is. It’s that happiness and joy you get seeing that sparkle in their eyes and realizing how much more beautiful life is with them in it.” Upon review of her gallery, you will see her eyes sparkle with happiness and joy, as do her husband’s (a man who very much dislikes photos), in the same way she speaks about her children’s, which is why I titled this session, “A blanket of love”.

Equipment Used:

Nikon Z5 and 50mm lens



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