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March 30, 2023 - Tranquil Beauty

By Carike Fouché, Carike Fouché Photography

Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada

About This Session:

It was such a pleasure meeting with the Laybolts this summer and seeing how the boys have grown and developed their personalities. They are fun-loving and sweet, and being invited into their space to document them was such a joy! The session was inspired by the beautiful scenery, and lakes were are so fortunate to have in this area. Cold Lake was never as tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful! I loved taking a step back, letting the boys explore and play, and capturing their moments being themselves.

From the Parents:

"Family is being with the ones I love, those who fill my heart with joy or spark a fire from within. An unconditional kind of love and the ones you want to share in life's greatest moments. They make my heart complete, and I am home whenever I am with them."


Mom's dress: Aritzia

Hair + Makeup:

Erin Laybolt

Equipment Used:

Pentax 645n

Fuji 400H scanned by Canadian Film Lab

Nikon D750

Nikkor 50mm 1.4


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