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October 21st, 2021 - A Multi-Generation Family Session

By Kate Staples, Kate Staples Photography

Eminence, Missouri

About This Session:

5 generations on mother's dad's side, 4 on her mom's side! The blue dress & bonnet was made by the mother's great-grandmother for her grandmother, and the quilt was made by her great grandma for her great-great grandma! This mother is a born writer. I am friends with her in life and on social media and constantly moved by her postings.

From Mom:

"Tracy Lawrence called it, Time Marches On, relentlessly and without want or need for consent; I suppose it stands to reason that the best plan of action is to march right along with it. Stomping your feet firmly into the now, leaving footprints and memories that time, and heavy rain, and other metaphorical offenses cannot wash away. That’s my charge and my objective, darling girl, to stand toe to toe with every moment that God plans to give you and I, and make it mean something. To appreciate it profoundly, if nothing else. Happy 8 months, my love. Thank you for being ours."

Equipment Used:

Canon 6D Mark II

Sigma 24mm ART

Sigma 50mm ART


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