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Apply to Our Mentor Directory

Here at The Kindred Path, we believe in community over competition, and strive to better ourselves through our connections with each other. The TKP Team has been putting much effort into making sure that we serve our community in the best way possible, and we've discovered that there is a missing link in connecting family photographers directly with seasoned professionals to learn one-on-one. So now we've created a space for our readers to find just the right mentor to connect with. 

Do you offer mentorship opportunities for family photography? We invite you to apply for our directory! We ask that our mentors keep their listing current with offerings and price ranges, and that they deliver services as advertised. 

Please allow us up to 3 weeks to process your application. Accepted mentors may be billed $5 monthly or $50 annually based on your selection.

Do you offer virtual mentorships?
Do you accept local mentees?
Select 1-3 categories that you offer:

Thanks for applying!

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