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We are beyond humbled to have you here with us! The Kindred Path welcomes all you family photographers out there that see more than just that image through the camera. We know deep down that every image tells a story, and we look to share and explore the bonds of family through art. 

So pour yourself a cup of coffee, snuggle under that comfy blanket, and enjoy the journal. We hope you'll find inspiration and true kindred spirits here. Welcome to TKP!

Meet the Team

Adrianne Shelton

The original founder of The Kindred Path, Adrianne is a fine art family photographer located in Central Virginia and lover of film. As the daughter of a professional film photographer, her love of the art started when she was a very young, helping her mom out in the studio. In 2014 she began volunteering with a Christian organization that provides a mentoring program for teen mothers, and she found joy in volunteering to capture portraits of these young mothers and their children. By 2016, Adrianne opened Beatific Visions Photography, and has been working with families ever since. Why Beatific Visions? In Christian theology, the beatific vision describes the ultimate vision of God, which she believes we can see in small glimpses throughout creation. Adrianne finds inspiration in the deep relationships, the tender moments, and the unseen beauty around us. She serves the Richmond, VA metro area, with her husband and two girls, and also works a full time job in the medical industry. 


Find Adrianne on Instagram at @beatificvisionsphotography

Website: beatificvisionsphotography.com

Lauren Sosler

Lauren's desire is to preserve nostalgia through genuine moments of connection, tender joy and affection, and family snuggles. Her passion for photography sparked at the age of 12, which led her to study Photojournalism at The Corcoran, and eventually start a fine art photography business in 2016 after giving birth to her first child. She is a hybrid newborn and motherhood photographer based out of Asheville, NC. Lauren loves to try out new coffee shops with her husband, bake with her three children, go on family hikes, and snuggle up to read books with the kiddos before bed. She loves to encourage other mamas in the industry to find flourishing in their home and their business.



Find Lauren on Instagram at @laurensoslerphotography

Website: www.laurensosler.com

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Becca Allen

Like so many mothers, Becca’s journey into motherhood began with a long and challenging struggle with infertility. When her twins were born in 2010, Becca left the corporate world and committed herself to full-time motherhood for several years. It was those years, surrounded by her own babies, that motivated her to learn the art of photography and later filmmaking. Primarily self-taught, but supplemented with a handful of mentorships along the way, Becca opened her photography business in 2014 while living in Qatar, and has moved it to Germany, Israel, and the United States as her family moves to accommodate her husband’s military career. Becca will readily share that her nomadic lifestyle has certainly presented many challenges to her work, but finds joy in being able to witness and document the universal beauty of motherhood all across the world. You’ll see a sense of adventure in her work, as she strives to create poetic images that are inspired by the tiniest of moments set in wild and wide-open spaces.


Find Becca on Instagram at @beccaallenphotography

Website: www.beccaallenphotography.com

Marie Tilkens

Marie is a motherhood, family, and newborn photographer based out of Washington, D.C. Her love for newborn and motherhood photography began when she had her own son, Perry. She soon realized how fleeting each moment, day, week, and month was as they passed her by. She wished that she had more photographs of Perry when he was in each stage. She wanted to remember every detail, from the size of his foot to his first smile. She knew that she wanted to capture families as they grew so they would have a legacy to show their children and pass on to the next generation. The way new parents look adoringly at their child, the giggles escaping from a rambunctious toddler, those sacred moments of peace in the whirlwind of parenthood - she wanted to invest in memories. Marie photographs motherhood in a timeless and iconic style so your children and grandchildren can cherish the legacy you have provided for them years from now. She aims to capture connection and moments, so you won’t see props or a lot of staged posing in her images. Marie finds that the photos that capture relationships and connection are not only classic and stand the test of time, but they speak to the heart the most. When not behind the lens, Marie enjoys spending time with her hilarious husband Zach and chasing after their energetic son. In quiet moments, you'll find her reheating cold coffee wearing a high bun and planning their next travel adventure. She looks forward to being a part of your beautiful journey of parenthood.


Find Marie on Instagram at @marie.elizabeth.photo

Website: www.marie-elizabethphotography.com

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