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Nikki Santerre, Nikki Santerre Photography
Richmond, VA

Nikki Santerre is fiercely devoted to capturing and preserving relationships through fine art photography, bespoke heirlooms, and written documentaries-- curating tangible memoirs and legacies of hope and love to be passed onto future generations. She travels across the country documenting artisan-crafted wedding days, taking a limited number of wedding commissions per year in order to create an intimate luxury experience for each of her couples. After struggling with infertility for five years, Nikki realized her heart for motherhood and her passion for serving mothers. She then shifted her focus to serving mothers and creating motherhood portraiture rather than wedding clients exclusively. She found the medium that inspires her the most to create this kind of evocative imagery is film, which opened the door to developing her unique style, workflow, and client experience as a Hybrid photographer.

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Mentorship Information


  • Virtual Mentorships - $250+ (Tailored to the specific goals of your business)

  • One-on-one in person, styled mentoring workshops - $875+

  • Brand Elevation Strategy + Brand Imagery Curation experiences, are perfect for the creative seeking to elevate both their online presence and client experience - $875+


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  • Shooting with Film
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