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April 14, 2022 - Crossing Paths Years Later

By Chelsey Martin, Chelsey Martin Photography

The Woodlands, TX

About This Session:

This maternity session was for a first time expecting mom who I actually met almost 8 years ago when our husband’s served on the same submarine together in the Navy. Years later our paths crossed again in Texas. Chelsi expressed to me she wanted to capture how miraculous pregnancy was and how incredible and beautiful mother’s bodies can be, even though parts of her pregnancy had not been very enjoyable. I told her I had a vision for how we could flow the session, starting out with her black body con images to feel strong in who she was as an expecting mother and work our way to being more vulnerable and appreciating her beautiful growing body with intimate shots at the end. I think through our session we worked to capture several images that encompassed every aspect of that. At the end of the session her words will most likely stick with me forever, she said “thank you for making me feel seen and not only look, but feel more beautiful and more empowered then I have in months. I feel so ready to welcome our little boy into the world.”

Sessions like this light that creative fire in my soul and why I do what I do. I think it is going to be an impactful session I remember throughout my entire career, and the fact that it took place with an old friend was so special.


Equipment Used:

Canon r6

Canon RF 50mm

1.2 Canon RF 28-70 2.8



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