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December 16, 2021 - Family Time with Highland Cows

By Alexandra McCormick, Alex Krall Photography LLC

Richmond, VA

About This Session:

Becoming a mama is such a special time in a woman's life. It is often described as the greatest role and most rewarding "job". It should always be celebrated! For this session we wanted to celebrate the anticipation of adding a new sibling. The first is so special because they give us the title "mama". A new baby is exciting but also followed with such anticipation as your only become the oldest. They now have a new role (one uncharted to both of you). Our inspiration was just being fun and playful! This is a time of great anticipation for what's to come. No fancy words or places, just wholesome family time on a farm with Highland cows (some had even just given birth a couple weeks prior!).

Quote from Mother:

"Having a family means warmth and fulfillment. I didn’t think with just Chris and I that we would be able to grow more love than we had, but when Kennedy arrived, all that changed. Our family felt complete and with another little one on the way, our hearts are exploding with so much love. Both of us have big families that are close and share holidays, special moments, and just hang out. We are excited to start our own and instill that same value in our kids as they grow up."

Equipment Used:

Contax 645

Portra 400


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