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Inspiring Words - Martina Klyn

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Martina Klyn Photography, Ontario, Canada

"I often hear that many began their photography journey with capturing their own children, mine however, started long before I was a mother. I shot my first solo wedding when I was 18 and ever since have poured my everything into doing what I love. Fast forward 7 years and I’m a wife and mother; my two favourite titles. My daughter has inspired me even the more, as my photography style has shifted over the years to a more candid, less posed approach. I am a digital photographer based in southern Ontario, Canada and swoon over soft, neutral tones and simple black and whites. I love capturing families, motherhood and weddings. Photographing brings me so much joy, something I hope I give my clients through their images.

During these strange times it feels so weird not being able to photograph love and connections between my clients. My little girl inspired me to pick up my camera again and get out and shoot, just in our backyard on cloudy morning. As I was editing these photos the thought came to mind, "focus on the good". Hope these photos make you smile today!"

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