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Introducing the Traveling Hat Project

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

The four of us got together in early December to take a few photographs of the team and meet in person for the very first time. We spent the morning taking headshots and behind-the-scenes photos while wearing long dresses accessorized with cardigans, flowers, and our choice of hat from Adrianne's trunk full of options.

We decided to warm up and enjoy a socially-distanced cup of hot tea as we chatted about our hopes and dreams for The Kindred Path. We wanted to create a project that could build community and share our love of artful family photography. It was at this tea-time that the idea for the Traveling Hat project was born. Similar to the idea of a traveling dress, The Kindred Path community members will have the opportunity to circulate one hat amongst our community. There is so much talent and creativity in this community, and we just can't wait to see the beautiful work you create using the same accessory. We are also so pleased to share that Gigi Pip has generously agreed to sponsor this project. They have graciously gifted the hat that we will share and will be awarding a $100 gift card to the winner of the final image competition. If you are interested in participating, make sure you've subscribed to our email list. Additional details and instructions to apply will hit inboxes tomorrow. We're limiting participation to the first 5 applicants, so keep an eye out for the email! If you still need to subscribe, you can submit your email address in the registration box at the bottom of our homepage. Of course we couldn't bear to miss out, so The Kindred Path team had a little fun with the hat ourselves. A Motherhood Session Without the Kids

By Adrianne Shelton, Beatific Visions Photography

Richmond, Virginia

Website Instagram About this Session

When Gigi Pip agreed to sponsor our traveling hat project, the whole team was so excited to get the project going. We chose this sweet hat for it's timeless, neutral look and naturally I couldn't wait to try it out myself. I've photographed Erica several times in the past year, starting with a maternity session last spring and also with a family session in the fall, and I knew she'd be up for anything, especially when it came to trying out new accessories.

This project is meant to be fun and to give us a chance to be creative, so we met on a (very last minute) chilly evening and just played around with it. Erica is an artist herself and had fun with trying different poses to really build on the story this hat could tell. I shot both film & digital, using Fuji 400H the night before Fuji announced the discontinuation of my favorite film stock.

Over all, my favorite part of this session was the freedom to be creative without any pressure to deliver something particular to a client. It hit me afterwards, that while we aren't definied by our roles, this session was really a motherhood session for Erica, even though she didn't have her little guy with her. After I sent the images to her, she said "It’s neat to see the look in my face/eyes before Lev arrived and now after, how my face and the look in my eyes have changed since becoming a mom." This session makes me think I may see more of this type of session in my future!

Equipment Used

Pentax 645N

Fuji 400H

Nikon D800

Nikon 50mm 1.4

Film Lab

Maternity Session Along the Potomac

By Rebecca Allen, Becca Allen Photography

Washington, DC

Website Instagram About this Session This gorgeous mama has a full house at home, so we chose to keep the session focused on just her and the little life she is carrying inside her. Because Northern Virginia can look quite sparse during the winter months, and I knew I'd be including our straw hat in this session, I wanted to use a location that could lend a warmer/summery feel. We met one evening just as the sun was setting over the Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia. With the sun's warm glow, the reflection off the water, and the whitewashed buildings, it hardly seems like January on the East coast. Mom's Dress: Nothing Fits But

Equipment Used

Canon R5

Sigma 50 1.4mm

A Classic Winter Maryland Maternity Session By Marie Tilkens, Marie Elizabeth Photography

Washington, DC

Website Instagram About this Session It was a chilly February day when we ventured out to Riversdale Manor, a historic Maryland home outside of DC, for this maternity session. This mama's glow created so much warmth, despite the frigid temps.

I adore photographing at historic estates for all of their grandeur and the stories they hold. It reminds me of the beauty of motherhood and both what is behind us and what is yet to come; I thought it the perfect location for this expecting mother's session. We had a ball chasing the light and basking in the sun's rays to keep warm. Hope you enjoy.

Mom's Dress: Rachel Pally

Equipment Used

Pentax 645n

Pentax 75mm F/2.8

Film scanned by Photovision

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon EF 50mm F/1.2L USM

The Joy of Motherhood By Lauren Sosler, Lauren Sosler Photography

Asheville, North Carolina

Website Instagram About this Session

This Mama is a dear friend of mine and a florist who owns a flower farm. Last Spring, we hoped to have a motherhood session at her farm but thanks to COVID, it didn't happen. When the TKP ladies discussed our visions for our personal traveling hat sessions, I immediately thought of Maggye and her boys. Her farm wasn't quite ready to be photographed thanks to the joys of winter (rain, ice, and snow) so we planned to have a light hearted and relaxed session at her home.

This session is especially sweet to me because it's my first session to shoot film only. I usually bring my digital camera but I'm working on growing my confidence with film and to stop using my digital as a "crutch" if you will. It was also my first time to use Porta 800. I still have a lot to learn, especially with indoor film, but I really am proud of my first natural light film only motherhood session.

If you've been wanting to try film, DO IT! Just grab a camera and have fun with it.

Equipment Used

Pentax 645n

Pentax 75/2.8

Portra 800 indoors

Portra 400 outdoors

Film Lab: Photovision

Mamas Dress: FEHRNVI


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