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July 29, 2021 - The Simplicity of Motherhood

By Kahla Kristen Photography

About This Session:

This session was inspired by the simplicity of motherhood— Savannah and I wanted to capture her growing bump in a very natural, timeless and feminine way. We wanted to emphasize the beauty of her changing body as she prepared to meet her second son without all the extras, so that her and her baby could be at the centre of it all.

During our session, Savannah and I had the most relaxing visit— it truly felt like catching up with an old friend. She was immediately comfortable and began sharing her plans of a home birth— something she wished for with her first, but due to a long and very drawn-out labour, was not able to have. I shared the story of my second daughter’s birth at our home, a few mantras that helped me get through much of that labour on my own and excitedly discussed the future for her family of soon to be four. A few weeks later, I received a photo of a beautiful baby boy, along with the best news— not only had she received her wish of a home birth, but baby had arrived so quickly that her husband had gotten to deliver him! I was amazed at how different this was from her first experience, and how her body just knew exactly what to do— something I often repeated to myself in difficult moments throughout my own labours. These photos, to me, are an organic representation of all that our bodies as women go through— change, growth, but in the most beautiful way possible.

Equipment Used:

Pentax 645n

Nikon f/100

Portra 400

Ilford 3200



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