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June 17, 2021 - A Warm Sunset Session on a Windless Day

By Julia Shelepova, Shelepova Photography

About This Session:

We took these family portraits of Alicia, Dalyn, and baby Caroline last fall.

We leisurely walked up the hill, taking in beautiful views of the South Bay Area and Santa Cruz mountains until we came to the hilltop decorated with gorgeous oak trees and golden grass.

Alicia prepared the layers of clothes for the unpredictable fall weather, but the warm sunset and windless day was perfect for the baby to show off these tiny toes and baby rolls. Five-month-old baby girl was such a joy to photograph – the way she adored her parents, the cutest little cream outfit, and the priceless toothless smile. It truly is my favorite age to take portraits!

Both parents were calm and loving. Alicia sang to her baby with the sweetest voice that made little one lit up with a smile! Our short time together was filled with a warm and kind vibe. I am so thankful for Alicia and Dalyn for allowing me to document all that family magic.

Equipment Used:

Pentax 645nii

75mm 2.8 lens

Fuji 400h

Film processed and scanned by Goodman Film Lab


Mom's dress: Red Dress

Baby's dress: Rylee & Cru

Basket: Design Dua

Dad's outfit: JCrew


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