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May 27, 2021 - Morning Feedings

By : Shauntel Gull, Shauntel Gull Photography

About This Session:

I shot this session after just hearing the news that my own daughter was no longer gaining weight and that I needed to "stop breastfeeding." It was time to put her on formula so she could get the nutrients she needed that I wasn't providing for her. Hearing this from her pediatrician nearly broke me as a mom. Being told the one thing you should be able to do, you can't. My sweet friend Ashlynn reached out to me after just having her little boy and during the session, I asked if it was okay if I documented her breastfeeding. In a way, being able to preserve these memories for her was a way to preserve our own breastfeeding journey and give me some closure.

Equipment Used:

Mamiya 645

Fuji 400h film

Ilford Delta 3200

Film Lab was Photovision Film Labs


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