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September 1, 2022 - A Perfect Summer Day

By Elizabeth Moro, Elizabeth Moro Photography

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

About This Session:

It was a perfect summer day at Hatley Castle in Victoria, BC and the Ayers Family shared some laughs and snuggles in the late afternoon shade. This session was such a pleasure to capture, every moment was so effortless and authentic. A testament to their closeness and love for each other.

This location is an important part of the history in Victoria and also holds plenty of memories for many of the families who live here. I personally always love shooting here, creating timeless moments in such a beautiful place!

Mum Lisa had a few sweet words about her family: "I think one of my favourite things about our family is that we prioritize each other. That includes making time for seizing days like this day. We'll always cherish each other and these memories."

Equipment Used:

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon EF 50mm 1.2

Canon EF 35mm 1.4


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