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September 30, 2021 - High School Sweethearts, A Lifestyle Newborn Session

By Whitney Carr

Birmingham, Alabama

About This Session:

This lifestyle newborn session was very special and full of emotion. Baby Moxey is a rainbow baby, a special miracle baby conceived after a heartbreaking late 1st trimester miscarriage last year. The parents were over-the-moon excited about their beautiful baby girl, and I hope that you can feel that emotion through the images.

In-home lifestyle sessions are so beautiful and special but can also be a little nerve-wracking. You never know what type of environment you're walking into: Is mom going to be stressed? Is she going to be focused on her "imperfect" postpartum body? Will Dad want to rush through these and be finished?

This session was absolutely perfect. These parents were high school sweethearts, dated through college, married while the dad was in medical school, and had their first baby during his residency. It's true what they say: Having a baby makes you fall in love with your husband all over again. These parents were very much madly in love and giddy over the excitement of their first child. The session was beautiful, everyone was relaxed, and I captured many beautiful memories for this sweet new family of 3 (or 4, counting Birdie!). :)

Equipment Used:

Canon R5

Sigma Art 50mm 1.4

Canon EOS R 35mm


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