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3 Quick Tips to Convert Bookings | TKP Education

Marie Tilkens, Marie Elizabeth Photography

I hear a lot from other photographers how disappointing it can feel when you receive an inquiry that seems like the perfect fit, all for that potential client to end up booking with someone else. I get it - it's a bummer! Often times, there are little things we can do to increase the chances of a potential client booking with us.

Here are 3 quick tips to convert your inquiries into bookings.

1. Respond within an hour

I'm a firm believer in work/home boundaries, so I'm not asking you to get email notifications on your phone. Instead, opt for form notifications from your inquiry form, so you will get a notification whenever you receive a new inquiry. It's a happy notification! Then, respond to that inquiry immediately with a template you can just just plug-in client info. The chances of a potential client booking the first person they hear back from is crazy high!

2. Get personal

How do you respond to inquiries? If you're converting inquiries via email responses, then great! If not, I would recommend changing it up to allow the opportunity to make a connection. Clients want to like, know, and trust you, and a more personal touch point will create a stronger connection. Consider responding with an opportunity to schedule a phone call or Zoom, or even respond with a text! This will also allow you to set yourself apart.

3. Convey value

Why should someone work with you? What is different about you compared with other photographers in your area? How are you solving your clients' problems? Hint, usually it's not about the photography. Think about how you can make it insanely easy for clients to want to work with you and share that with potential clients when they inquire.

I hope this quick business fix was helpful for you, friend. If you're looking to grow your business into a profitable, 6-figure business, I'd love to help you out in The Full-Time Motherhood Photographer Mastermind. We'll work on getting you more inquiries, converting those inquiries, and increasing profit so you can fully serve clients and live a balanced life.

Marie Tilkens, Marie Elizabeth Photography



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