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A Family Centered In-home Newborn Session

By Lauren Sosler Photography

Asheville, NC

in-home newborn baby snuggled with parents and dogs on their bed in asheville
asheville newborn baby photography
asheville newborn baby with dogs
in-home newborn session in asheville with dogs
asheville mom smiling at her baby
newborn asheville parents holding baby in their home

About This Session:

I love newborn sessions; it's such an intimate and transformative season of life. To hold this tiny person who now belongs to you- truly there is no greater feeling. Which is why I love to document family snuggles and genuine moments of connection. I really strived to capture this sweet boy being loved on by each of his parents and all of them together; you could physically feel their joy. It was beautiful! Even sweeter, I was able to document baby boy laying on his side which became his comfort position while he was in the NICU. Overall, I was proud of the authentic images taken during this session. It also happened to be my first in-home newborn session on film and I am more than pleased with the results.

Equipment Used:

Pentax 645N 70/2.8

Sony a7rii 55/1.8


Mama is wearing a dress from my client wardrobe


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