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April 11, 2024 - Lifestyle Newborn Session

By Mary Carter Photography

Cincinnati, Ohio

About the Session:

Now nestled in the heart of Cincinnati, this former military family knows the true meaning of family. Moving has many challenges, but home is truly wherever they are together. This lifestyle newborn session was filled with tender expressions as the parents cradled their little one, joyful squeals of a beaming big brother and celebration for the expanding circle of love within their family. The delicate details of tiny fingers and sleepy smiles, coupled with the interactions among the family, served as a reminder of the profound journey of parenthood and the joy that a new baby brother brings to a family. I was inspired by the sweet snuggles, relaxed seamless addition of baby brother and the outpouring of love they had for each other.

"You often don't get a lot of pictures of the mother in the first few months of motherhood. She's the one usually taking the photos. So for me, a family session was so important to make sure we were all documented. I wanted to remember us in the rawness of becoming a family of 4. These are photos I'll cherish for a lifetime." -Lillian O.

Equipment: Nikon D750, 85mm lens, 25-70mm lens, 35mm lens


Newborn outfit- Loulouandcompany, Brother's outfit- Carters, Mom's outfit-rented from Nully


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