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August 11, 2022 - Remembering the Beach, the Sunny Days, the Moments Spent

By Camille De Armas, Kamy Photographie

Miami, FL

About This Session:

I photographed Monica and her beautiful family of 4 before they moved back to Italy, where they are originally from. She wanted to remember the beach, the sunny days, the moments she spent here with her family. Remembering the feelings during their time in Miami, where they welcomed their second baby a few weeks before, was priceless. When I heard Italy, I thought about all the similarities we share with France (where I am from)! We thought of adding a little European touch to her session. We brought some daisies and a sun hat, and Monica used a dress from the Client Closet (more about this soon!). I love how we connected and shared the same vision.


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