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August 17, 2023 - Near and Dear - An Intimate Nursing Session

By Mandy Schuster, Mandy Marie Doula | Photography

Denver, CO

About This Session:

The session is so near and dear to my heart. I have always wanted to do an 'intimate nursing session' as nursing didn't come easy to me with my first. Being a doula as well, I know that is the story for a lot of women! So I reached out to a friend who was potentially coming to the end of her nursing career and asked if she would be interested. I couldn't love these images more. As any mother knows, there are definitely a lot of deep feelings connected to ending a season so beautiful, challenging and emotional. I think these feelings are why this session turned out as stunning as it did. This bond, this connection, it's palpable!


See Through Off-the-shoulder Dress - Etsy

Purple Dress - Lulus

Equipment Used:

Kodak Gold 200 film

Pentax 645n 120mm

Canon 5D Mark IV 50mm 1.8

The Archetype Process Fuji Profiles


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