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August 6, 2020 - A New Baby Session in the Comfort of Home

By Dani Foster, D. Foster Photography

About This Session:

This session was extra special as it was for a colleague. Having been there through the whole pregnancy and being the photographer for the baby shower, it was beyond exciting to finally meet Ivy.

With no siblings and all of my cousins having their babies out of state, I’ve missed out the super early days of family babies. To get to be there for Ivy and her parents' journey is closest thing to a family baby I've been able to experience first-hand.

Being at home where everything is familiar (and easily accessible in case of accidents!), really allows for the magic and wonder of a new baby to shine. There’s an added bonus to this session with the presence of Sammy and Frankie, two 6 month old kittens who had to be in on all of the action. There was a point where Ivy was fussing and while dad was trying to calm her down, Sammy got into mom’s arms and stretched out as she bounced him like a baby, as if to show Ivy that she too could be chill. Later, he decided Ivy would make a perfect snuggle companion.

Equipment Used:

Nikon D850

Pentax 645N

Film: Fuji 400H

Film Scans: Photovision

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