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December 1, 2022 - Inspired by Connection

By Nicole Bielenin, Nicole Bielenin Photography

Northwest, FL & Memphis, TN

About This Session:

This timeless Memphis, TN newborn session was absolutely precious. Baby boy was adorned with one of his father’s classic baby outfits - a true family heirloom! We met in a studio space that had the perfect amount of diffused natural light, and warm-toned floors that kept our images from feeling sterile without casting unflattering hues onto our subject. As always, we are most inspired by the connection between mother and baby, as well as the delicate details of creamy baby skin. One thing that made this session exceptionally fun for us was the use of the round crib that complemented baby’s heirloom outfit beautifully!

At just over two months old, this wasn’t the typical timing of a newborn session but we think it shows that there is no wrong time to photograph your children!

Equipment Used:

Canon 5d Mark IV

Canon 50mm 1.2


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