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December 15, 2022 - "Their Laugh was Contagious"

By Kristin Brockman, Kristin Brockman Photography

Pottstown, PA

About This Session:

So many parents want to know the secret to capturing beautiful family photos with spirited young kids. This family finds joy in the beautiful chaos of raising two young girls under 4 every day. They came ready for adventure, and these sweet girls spent much of the session wanting to explore. But when they did wander out of the frame, it’s because they wanted to pick flowers for mommy. When Daddy flew them up in the air, their laugh was contagious. When I asked them to make silly faces, I’ve never seen anyone follow my instructions so quickly! And when mommy snuggled them, they gave the best kisses.

So what should parents do if their toddler get spirited or fussy or keeps running out of the frame during family photos? Embrace the beautiful chaos and just keep loving them right through it all. If their parents are there to wipe away the tears, give them a hug, snuggle them, and tickle them, that smile will peek out despite all their best efforts to hide it. Because the chaos is beautiful, and so is a parent's love for their kids.

Equipment Used:

Nikon z6ii

Nikkor 50mm 1.8 S lens


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