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February 10, 2022 - Slowing Things Down

By Kent Avenue Photography

Bay Area, CA & Charlotte, NC

About This Session:

Each family is incredibly different. Therefore, each session is designed differently. I

always want clients to be comfortable and feel as though they can relax during our time

together. In this day and age, things seem to move so quickly! My goal (always) is to try

and slow things down. It can take a minute. But there is always a shift .... and Ive found,

each and every time, that this is when the most beautiful moments unfold.

I work hard to give families an opportunity to just be together and enjoy each other’s

company. And then I work around them. I look for clasped hands ... and sweet smirks ...

tendrils of hair pushed back from foreheads ... little noses being wiped and untucked

shirts being adjusted. I look for sweet exchanges between mom and dad when they think

no-one is looking .... and little tired bodies collapsing into mamas arms ... and loving

glances up to strong dads who seem to be able to fix everything. There is so much layered

beauty in all the sweet nuances.

I have had the pleasure of working with this family for several years now and their

dynamic blows me away every single year. And this year, in the golden Bay Area hills,

wasnt any different! The way both Mom and Dad are so in sync and work so effortlessly

together. The way the little boys are so polite ... and kind ... and love on their new little

sister with such incredible gusto. I am in awe. They all look out for one another ... they

make sure everyone is there ... and everyone feels included. If one brother is missing,

they glance around, find him and quickly pull him in. When I would glance down at my

camera while photographing them, I could hear their little side conversations and pep

talks amongst one another ~ it was the sweetest. I am convinced they will all have each

other backs forever.

These are the moments that shine bright. I don't want these "small" moments (while

really, not so small at all) to be forgotten. These "blips" are actually major. These little

exchanges say so very much. They are part of your story. And I am so eager to tell it all.

Every last love-filled, rollercoaster-of-a-ride bit. Family truly is everything. ~ Kent

Avenue Photography

Equipment Used:

Contax 645

Fuji 400h



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