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February 15, 2024 - A Creekside Family Session

By Kent Avenue Photography

SF Bay Area & Charlotte, NC

About the Session:

This sunny, creekside California Family Session was a memorable one for so many reasons. Chelsey and Stephen are a true force. I was so humbled for the opportunity to spend the afternoon with their family and celebrate this season in their lives.

You know those people that leave such an indelible impression on your heart? Chelsey and Stephen are those people. They are so kind. To hear their story, and see the love they share, was a real blessing.

We took a walk to the creek that sunny afternoon ~ a place that I quickly learned held a very special place in their hearts. Chelsey mentioned that they had spent time here almost every day that summer. When I saw the happiness in the boy’s eyes as they teetered barefoot along the rocks to the water’s edge, I could understand why. The light in that sweet spot was just magical. It danced through the tall trees and sparkled on the surface of the water ... the way gold glistens in the sun. It was quiet and powerful all at the same time.  

I followed the boys in and out of the water that afternoon as they splashed and tossed pebbles, like little ones do. It was perfect. And Chelsey and Stephen? Well, they encouraged and enjoyed, every playful (muddy) bit.  I was so enamored by how patient they were. And how present they were. What a beautiful quality ~ a quality that wholeheartedly aligns with their entire business model as founders of The Rainmaker Family.

I learned that they made the decision to concentrate on abundance over lack a long time ago. What a powerful shift! They focus on helping their community buy back their time and have the freedom to spend more with their own families. They do this by helping people create online passive income, focusing on e-commerce & digital products. Their uplifting ideals and steadfast commitment have led to well-deserved, personal success!

Thank you Chelsey and Stephen for sharing your family with me, and for working so hard to put such goodness into the world! What a beautiful example for your boys. And for all of us. ~ Kent Avenue Photography


Contax 645 ; Fuji 400h


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