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February 8, 2024 - A Joyful Autumn Family

By Cassie Nichole Photography

Dayton, Ohio

About the Session:

These images feature a beautiful family of five among the autumn colors in Ohio. Crystal, Keil, Lucas, Camden & their youngest Saige allowed me to capture their joy and love for each other amongst the fall tress. I have photographed this family several times but this has been one of my favorite. Continuing to go back to the same photographer allows their personalities to really show because they are more comfortable. We walked under the colorful trees, squeezed each other tight for hugs, got cuddled up on a blanket in the path for the most joyful and vibrant photographs in the autumn.

Quote from Parents:

When talking with Crystal and Keil about what family means to them, they stated "It means constant headaches, sleepless nights, continuous worry for the rest of your life. BUT, those things don't beat the love you feel with every embrace, the proud moments you witness, and the joy you feel being able to watch your kids grow up and become everything you hoped they would be." That right there describes parenthood perfectly.


Nikon D750 50mm f/1.8 35mm f/1.8

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