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January 25, 2024 - A Beachy Maternity Dream

By AGM Creative

Vero Beach, Florida

About the Session:

It's now Autumn, and here in Florida, the season has been welcomed with rain and wind everyday. I texted Kadin the morning of this session asking if she was still down to shoot due to the wind. She responded, "yes"!

For whatever reason, in the early years of my photography journey, I stuck to a fairly conventional workflow. Wind scared me. Rain scared me. Any time other than golden hour scared me. The weather had to be perfect, and the subjects had to look perfect. A conventional workflow is not a bad thing, but I certainly wanted to think outside of the box from what I was used to.

Ever since, I have been working on peeling away from the norm and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Embracing flaws can completely transform a gallery. Long story short, even to this day, the idea of shooting in the wind seemed crazy. I am so grateful, as Kadin is an amazing wedding photographer alongside her husband and assured me that we would be just fine. It is so fun photographing other photographers, as I feel like I always learn something new.

On the flip side of this project, I am now so stoked about these images and want to shoot in the wind all over again! It added so much drama and texture, taking the already candid moments and adding interest. There is something so dreamy, so Jane Austen like, about the toile dresses, mid morning light, and dramatic wind. Kadin and Alana are the sweetest, love filled people. Our time together was just delightful. I am so excited for them as they welcome their boy in a few short weeks and transition to life as a family of four


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