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June 28, 2020 - A Texas In-Home Newborn Session

By Rachel Friedman, Rachel Friedman Photography

Plano, Texas

About This Session:

I loved photographing this in-home lifestyle newborn session. The parents were already such devoted parents to their dogs Dunkin andDonut. Getting to see not only how the dogs reacted to their new little brother but how mom and dad's love only grows exponentially when adding a new human to their little wolf pack was such a privilege. A new baby goes from just a hope and a prayer to a tiny human who rocks your world with that swirl of hair on their head and the itty bitty toes that tap their way from just under your heart to the hallways of your home. I love capturing the little details and the way mom and dad gaze so lovingly at baby and how they fit in so sweetly on their chest or in their arms. Newborn photography is my passion because each session takes me back to that magical feeling I felt when staring at my first child asa newborn. This session hit home especially because I remember watching my own pup become a “big puppy sibling” and fretting over how the dog would adjust. Just as it did with me, these pups did so amazingly well with their new baby brother and their family.


Mom's dresses: Aakaa and Lulus

Equipment Used:

Canon Mark IV

35mm 1.4

50mm 1.4

100mm 2.8


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