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June 5, 2023 - Meaningful Moments

By Kent Avenue Photography

Charlotte, NC / Santa Barbara, CA / SF Bay Area, CA

About This Session:

Meaningful moments that highlight your connection ~ that is always my goal. I prepare so very much for each session. And it is this preparation that later allows me during our time together to just let go and enjoy your company. Preparing is one thing … but then letting go is key; for me and for them. And this wonderful bunch embraced all of that for this timeless Family session that beautiful foggy afternoon at this sprawling garden estate!

When our walls come down a bit, I have the opportunity to capture honest snippets of your family dynamic. I hope these moments are as valuable to you as they are to me. When a daughter glances proudly at her mother, I see this. And when she rests comfortably in her father’s arms, I see that too. I would imagine you feel it but my goal is to provide you a tangible reminder of these fleeting memories. Because not only does time move incredibly quickly … but because I want you to truly see how very loved you are.

My goodness, this family’s love was palpable ... spilling from each and every celebratory frame. I am so grateful to them for inviting me to tell this little piece of their family's story. I know there is heaps more where that came from. This was truly an honor.

~ Kent Avenue Photography


Mama’s Dress | Sleeper

Daughter’s Dresses - Nora Lee

Equipment Used:

Camera | Contax 645

Lens | Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2.0 lens

Film | Fuji 400H

Processing | Richard Photo Lab


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