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March 4, 2021 - A Motherhood Session in a Charming Little Alcove

By Kent Avenue Photography

San Francisco Bay Area

About This Session:

It is always such a treat to have the opportunity to capture another photographer and their family. Kristin is one of those wonderfully talented people with a heart of gold. Needless to say, when I had the chance to capture some moments with her and her babies, I was ecstatic!

We had been talking about a little Motherhood session for quite some time, but life kinda complicated things for a bit (ie. Quarantine, CA wildfires, heavy smokey skies, etc) So …. we waited ….. and waited. We held off until the skies cleared a bit (literally and figuratively) and inevitably (as it always does) the sun returned. ;)

I was so excited to meet up around the corner from my house that day. A charming, little alcove that I had unknowingly driven past for almost 10 years! What a joy it was to uncover this sweet neighborhood spot tucked in the shade beneath the tall eucalyptus trees ~ an inviting outdoor patio that served as a shared community space. We picked up some warm croissants at the local bakery that morning, packed some crisp white linens to place over that whitewashed picnic table and made our way over …. kicking off our shoes and enjoying a leisurely breakfast together in the fresh air. As we ate and the children played, Kristin and I chatted about our shared goals ~ all things family, entrepreneurship and personal fulfillment.

I photographed my way around them, admiring the beauty and intricacy of each and every moment. Every embrace and kind look exchanged meant something. I believe it is these small moments that speak volumes. I was eager for Kristen to see what I saw ….two children that were madly in love with (and so very proud of) their mama! They looked at her with such adoration! It was one of those grounding moments that I appreciate so much. You are so loved Kristin ~ thank you for sharing such a morning with me! Fresh air, conversation and connection. My heart was full. ~ Kent Avenue Photography

Equipment Used:

Contax 645

Fuji 400h


Mothers Dress - Doen / Mother’s Hat - Janessa Leone / Mother's Shoes - Freda Salvador / Daughters Dress - Lillu / Daughter's Bike - Linus


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