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March 9, 2023 - A Legacy to Pass Down

By Meghan Tidwell, Meghan Tidwell Photography

Argyle, Texas

About This Session:

I was so excited to capture this family and their connection. They are a very playful, active, and involved family. It was a warm, crisp December evening with the anticipation of Christmas just around the corner. I loved the snuggles, kisses and love that was exchanged.

"Having a family to me means having a legacy to pass down my experiences and memories. It gives meaning to the day to day in that I have others to care for and nurture. It also means I have the privilege of watching those in my family grow and develop over time. Family is forever so you get to share experiences together year after year! Through life’s ups and downs, family is there to help you on your journey."

- Lauren Smits, Mom of 3 beautiful children


Mama's dress: Nothing Fits But

Equipment Used:

Sony A7iii

Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8


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