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May 12, 2022 - Genuine, Comfortable, Pure

By Morgan Williams, Morgan Williams Photography

Raleigh, NC

About This Session:

This in-home family session felt so HONEST. There was nothing contrived or forced. It was genuine, comfortable, pure.

There was messy hair and mismatched outfits and large holes in pants due to the insistence of young children. And that only made it that much more beautiful and honest. It contributed to the feel of the perfect imperfection that I always strive to find.

It FELT like *my* definition of family: overflowing with comfort, joy and love. We embraced color and chaos and messy hair and personalities, and we found joy and love in the middle of it. And I think that's what family photos should be.

I don't think they should be still and perfect and wearing neutral colors you would never wear and being awkwardly candid with the people you love most, because that's never been what family is to me.

Family *is* the place where you can be messy and vulnerable and show your true colors and you'll be loved *for* it. You'll find the sweetest, most precious moments in the middle of it.

This was one of the first time I felt like my camera photographed physical bodies, but the images portray their hearts and souls. Something about all of it went deeper.

Quote From the Parents:

"Family has always been drilled into me as “the most important.” It wasn’t until marriage and having my own children that I realized how impactful the daily choice to see the good in people, and love them unconditionally really is. This choice pushes me to the depths of my ability to love, and then some. That’s what family is to me, love in a growing state."


Mom's Outfit - Anthropologie

Kids' Outfits - many from Cat & Jack from Target

Equipment Used:

Pentax 645n

75mm lens

Portra 800 & 400 Film

Canon R6

EF 50mm 1.2

RF 35mm 1.4


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