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May 18, 2023 - Tender & Joy-Filled

By Claire Kirby, Claire Chantel Photography

Minneapolis, Minnesota

About This Session:

This sweet, summer evening session was tender, joy-filled and so much fun! Caitlin is a fellow photographer, so this was extra special to photograph. The session was any family photographer's dream. August is a prime summertime month in Minnesota, with the perfect mix of warm weather and a cool breeze. The sunlight was peeking through the willow trees at our location just so. And it was far too easy to document this beautiful family. It was evident how much they loved being around one another, so prompts were hardly necessary. At our second lakeside location, Caitlin and her husband decided to have an impromptu splash attack. The kids squeals and water splashing were everything you should hear on a warm, quaint summer night.

I was so inspired by the tender, candid moments that were captured that night. Photos like these remind me why I'm a family photographer and make me swell up with gratefulness. Moments like these are fleeting and I'm honored to be able to document something so special.

Equipment Used:

Nikon Z6ii

Sigma Art 50mm


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