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May 19, 2022 - A Joyful Session for a 1st Birthday

By Jomkanya Toruen, Jommy Photography

Safety Harbor, FL

About This Session:

This lovely family moved from NEW YORK and wanted to celebrate little Xander’s 1 st birthday in this session. The Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, FL gave the whole session a joyful feel, the light breeze, and brilliant sunshine. I also loved the way they dressed to present themselves. This crew definitely chose wisely! As you can see from even just a quick glance through their photos, genuine connection, love, and joy are the qualities that turn beautiful family photos into the kind that take your breath away! Those sincere moments of connection are the ones families like the Rosa family will treasure for decades.

Quote From the Parents About What Family Means to Them:

"A moment captured that will last a lifetime that we can share with our growing family."


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