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May 28, 2020 - A Light Filled Family Session

By Rachel Stricklin - Rachel Stricklin Photography

About This Session:

I was so excited to photograph this beautiful mamma and her family! Jamie is a home decor blogger with amazing style and is one of the most gracious, sweetest people ever! We decided to keep the outfits neutral and organic to complement the setting and highlight the connection between family members. I love how the different textures add depth and interest to the photos. We were fortunate enough to have a beautiful, crisp Fall day for our shoot. The light was especially pretty this evening! As I was scoping out the location I noticed a large, overgrown bush with the most beautiful light filtering through the leaves. However, that beautiful spot just happened to be right next to a public bathroom and large transformer! But luckily Jamie trusted me and everything came together to make my photographer dreams come true- pretty light and perfect weather, a big field, and a happy family. As you can probably tell from looking at the pictures, there is a lot of love in this family! It was very evident that they enjoyed being together making memories as a family. It took a little work (and some corny jokes) to get some genuine smiles out of big brother, but he soon warmed up. I am so honored each time someone asks me to capture their family, and this was no exception


Boys' sweaters and overalls from Jamie Kay

Equipment Used:

Canon 60d

50mm 1.2


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