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May 7, 2020 - Welcoming Spring in Hong Kong

By Amy Law, Little Stories - The Moment by Amy

About This Session:

We walked into our beloved florist’s studio and showed the lovely sibling Valerie and Braydon a surprise! Look at how Valerie reacted upon receiving the floral works! We thought of an idea to bring spring home through floral branding project for Haru Haru Floret, to bring floral works into every day lives in Korean.

We did the shoot welcoming spring in Hong Kong, on the pastel colour tones in pink, peach, yellow and white. It’s a continuation of love from family when my uncle, as a photography lover took family photos for us and now I take family photos for his family! His kids ran around and explored in the local park, we hope to record this beautiful time together.

Family Wardrobe:

Girl’s dress & boy’s jacket: Zara

Equipment Used:

Canon 5D Mark IV

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