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November 16, 2023 - A Stately Home Newborn Session

By Chelsea Sliwa Photography

Denver, CO

About This Session:

"Having a loving family is the strongest foundation on this earth. They are your heart, soul, home, and a reflection of who you are."

As a Denver newborn photographer, I am honored to capture the precious moments of families like the one I recently photographed. The session was an in-home newborn shoot with a mother, father, their sweet toddler, and newborn baby girl, Kendall. The family was excited to welcome me into their home and show me around their beautiful property. We started our session with the family sitting under a big tree in their yard, snuggling with their newborn baby girl. The natural and serene setting was perfect for capturing the family's love and connection.

While the newborn was being fed, the toddler played on the stairs with Dad. It was an adorable moment, and I captured it beautifully on film. Soon after, they all snuggled together in bed, creating some heartwarming and intimate family portraits. The family enjoyed their time together, and I could see the love they had for one another. As the day went by, we moved to a bay window bench in the sunshine, where the family cozied up together, creating some beautiful family portraits in the natural light. It was beautiful to witness how the family adored their newborn baby girl and the love that radiated amongst them. Towards the end of the session, the family posed by the front door, welcoming their guests. It was a perfect ending to a beautiful day, and I captured some heartwarming memories that the family can cherish for years to come.

To me, it's a privilege to enter into a family's home and document this cherished season in their lives. I am grateful that I get to create their family heirlooms through my photography, giving them the ability to look back and relive those precious moments forever. This session was so much fun because we had so many lovely locations in their stately Denver home to take advantage of and get creative with. I love the variety I was able to provide the family. They'll get to cherish the memories they've made all over their beautiful home.


Mom’s Dress: Nothing Fits But

Equipment Used:

Film: Fuji400H Lab: Photovision Prints


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