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November 17, 2022 - Authentic Beauty

By Leah Brand, Leah Emerson Photography

Minneapolis, Minnesota

About This Session:

Something family photography continues to teach me is how to hold things loosely and roll with whatever comes. When I let go of my expectations of how a session will go, and allow things to unfold as they unfold, so much authentic beauty comes from it. For this session, their little guy just wanted to be independent, explore and roam free rather than being held or staying still! Instead of fighting it, we let him lead the session. In doing so, we dodged getting forced photos and instead allowed his little one year old personality to shine through, which in turn created much more natural interactions between the three of them. There really is so much beauty in the midst of the chaos!

Equipment Used:

Canon 1v

Canon EF 35mm 1.4L

Canon R6

Canon EF 50mm 1.2L


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