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November 3, 2022 - "I could have stayed all day..."

By Kate Voda, Kate Voda Photography

Princeton, NJ

About This Session:

The goal of this session was to capture this sweet family with their 6 week old daughter. They had specifically chosen to wait a little longer because they wanted to make sure they felt recovered and more comfortable with their baby, her needs, and her routine so that they could all enjoy their session.

Walking into this family’s home was like walking into the home of old friends. They were so warm and welcoming, and so excited to introduce me to their sweet baby girl. I had been warned that dad was not a fan of being in front of the camera, but as soon as I asked him to pick up his little girl he lit up and could not have been more proud and excited to share her with me and my camera. The genuine love and awe that these new parents had for the life that they had created was so evident in every look and move they made. I could have stayed all day photographing them cradling and doting on their beautiful daughter. They were so at ease as a family of three and it was truly an inspiring thing to see!


Mom's Dress- Nothing Fits But

Equipment Used:

Canon 5DMkiii

Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

Canon 50mm 1.2


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