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October 13, 2022 - An Olive Grove on a Brilliant Sunny Afternoon

By Kent Avenue Photography

Charlotte, NC | Bay Area | Santa Barbara

About This Session:

I was so excited to see these friends for this Bay Area Family session! We had to postpone little Charlie’s Newborn images late last year due to some untimely colds … so we regrouped and excitedly decided to push our time back a bit when I returned to the Bay Area in June.

I was beyond excited for many reasons. One, I had yet to meet sweet Charlie. And two, this amazing mama (and extremely talented fellow photographer Megan Kawahara) and her husband are always so much fun! I enjoy my time with her family so very much. The children are some of the most polite little ones ever. Little Maddy actually picked me some lavender from her garden, sending it home with me to put by my hotel bedside table so “it would smell pretty”. She drew me a picture (not be opened until I got back to my room) so that I would have something special to look forward to when I got there ... and insisted "Please make sure you wait ~ it's a surprise!!" Talk about making you feel special. The Kawaharas do that and then some.

We met in the olive grove that brilliant sunny afternoon for our Bay Area photo session. There was a slight breeze and not a single cloud in the sky. We popped our things on the ground, enjoying the sunshine as we caught up. The kiddos explored around us, running down the dirt pathways (in and out of the trees) and finding olives on the ground that had danced from the trees. We took our time celebrating miss Charlie and all the joy that she brings to their family. Her brother and sister couldn’t love her more! Let me tell ya, everyone wanted a piece of Charlie. There were hugs and kisses and requests to be the one to hold her. I hope one day, she flips through all these images and sees how incredibly loved she is and the happiness that she brought to their family during those early years.

What an afternoon! Kind friends, heaps of sunshine, a delicious post session dinner and the special opportunity to freeze frame just a little bit of their family story.

~ Kent Avenue Photography

Equipment Used:

Contax 645 / Zeis


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