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October 26, 2023 - Breastfeeding Journey

By Corinne Isabelle Photography

Boston, MA

About This Session:

"Breastfeeding has truly been a labor of love. It’s amazing what a women’s body can do for their child. Seeing Lily these past months grow healthy from my milk has been so rewarding and I’m so proud that my body has been able to provide her with the milk she needs. A huge thank you to CorinneIsabellePhotography for capturing such a precious moment in our lives. Corinne’s gentle and calming demeanor really made me comfortable during this nurturing series."

This session is part of my 'Nurture Series' portraits where I create artful images showcasing mamas feeding their babies, however they choose to do so. This session was highlighting a breastfeeding mom. I photographed this mama and her baby at a Boston area town hall which also had a beautiful garden area with a reflection pool. The simplicity of the location allows the photographs to focus on this mama and her connection to her baby girl. I love the timelessness of this location along with her delicate floral dress, which is from my client wardrobe. For this session I was really inspired to create photographs that are timeless, glowing and ethereal. Highlighting the beauty of motherhood is my favorite because the day to day life of a mother can be far from beautiful. It's messy, redundant, and sometimes frustrating, but in the bigger picture it is beautiful. I love being able to show my clients how beautiful they truly are.


Mom - LAIT

Equipment Used:

Canon r6

Canon 50mm 1.4


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