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September 17, 2020 - A Garden Picnic Session in Finland

By Susanna Nordvall, Nord Stories

Helsinki, Finland

About This Session:

Before our family shoot, the trees had already dropped their beautiful white flowers during that week. During the apple tree blooming season, the garden is usually full of people, just admiring and taking photos of all the beauty dozens of apple trees create.

I think we were actually lucky since the garden was practically empty during our shoot and we got the most magical evening light.

I loved how relaxed the family was and the kids barely noticed that I was there. This family are dear friends of mine and I wanted to capture some sweet memories for them. They are so sweet, caring and heart-warming, that it wasn't a challenge to capture all of that, all of who they are, on camera.

There wasn't a shortage of running, dancing, and exploring the garden, but I think it's super important to let the kids be kids during a shoot because then you can really capture their true personality and the connection within the family.

Equipment Used:

Contax 645

Sony AR7iii

Yongnuo f/0.95 50mm lens

Film Lab:


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