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September 29, 2022 - Set in the Rolling Hills

By Samantha Shannon, Samantha Shannon Photography

Portland, Oregon

About This Session:

I've photographed this family several times, but this time was special because it was our first session with their second baby! I love seeing how this family's love and energy just grows exponentially each year.

Oregon has truly beautiful summers, where all the rain from the last eight months pays off with lush, green gardens. This particular garden is one of my favorite locations to photograph. Set in the rolling hills near Lake Oswego, it's a historic farm built around a Queen Anne farmhouse. These days, it hosts community events, a traditional garden, and a community garden full of color. We chose it to align with mom's vision of a light and airy family photo session in a natural and accessible setting.

Equipment Used:

Canon 5DMIII

Canon 135mm f/2L


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