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September 7, 2023 - A Family of Five in the Soft Pastels

By Chelsea Whittle, Chelsea Sliwa Photography

Denver, CO

About This Session:

These images feature a beautiful family of five in soft pastels among the ivory and pink blooms of Colorado's springtime. Kylie, Zach, Nora & twin boys Beck & Wren allowed me to capture their family on Fuji400 film during the spring. Mother Kylie, another local photographer, has become one of my best friends since we both moved to the area around the same time in 2020. She has captured my family several times, and I hers. It's always a joy capturing people you know. Personalities come out in ways they perhaps don't as often, when they are unfamiliar with their photographer. We danced under the blooming trees, chased each other along the sandy trails, got cuddly in the grass and rang-around-the parents for the most lovely and ethereal photographs in the springtime evening glow.


Mom's Dress - Lait Collection

Equipment Used:

Contax 645 & Zeiss 80mm f/2

Film: Fuji400H rated at 200

Lab: Photovision on Frontier


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