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January 11, 2024 - At Home Motherhood Session

By Kelly Bullock Photography

Raleigh, North Carolina

About the Session:

As a mother myself, I think we can all agree that time is truly fleeting! Time certainly will not slow down, but we can preserve memories with photos and it was an honor to be able to do just that for this beautiful mother and her children. It's such an inspiration to capture a family in the season they're in right before a new chapter in their lives, such as reaching a milestone in their children's lives when they start school! This beautiful mother felt that deep in her soul as her twins were preparing to go to Kindergarten. She felt that the most special way to celebrate this milestone in their lives was to have an in-home family session with her and her three precious children. As we were preparing for her session, she shared that her kids light up when they are dancing, tickling, and baking. So as soon as I met her twins, they chose the music (their favorite VBS songs!) and we started off her motherhood session right by doing a dance party! Their session was full of cuddles and tickles and laughter and we ended in the kitchen while her kids helped her bake, which is something really special to her that she wants to remember from this season of life. It was such a gift to preserve this time for her to enjoy decades from now. When I asked her what family means to her, she shared that it means "being on the same team! As well as unconditional love and acceptance, kindness, helping each person reach their full potential and being silly." I believe her motherhood session reflected all of that!

Mama's Dress:

Nothing Fits But

Equipment Used:

 Nikon z6ii with sigma 35mm f1.4 lens and Nikon F100 with Sigma 50mm f1.4



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