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June 3, 2021 - What Dreams Are Made Of - A Glowing Maternity Session

By Brooke Elise Clark, Brooke Elise Creative

Aiken, SC

About This Session:

Every now and then, a session comes around and everything just feels right. The setting is stunning, the sun is glowing, the subject is noticeably at ease, and the outfit only enhances the beauty of the scene. That was this session for me, and it re-lit every desire to go out and create images that I feel proud of.

The first half of the session took place in my new studio space. We experimented with an eggnog colored backdrop, which I thought perfectly melted her skin and the softness of the tulle pink dress.

The second half of her session was literally what my dreams are made of: glowy sun, tall textured grass, a beautiful dress and momma to be, and wide open spaces.

Equipment Used:

Studio-Nikon D850, 35mm 1.4, Profoto B10, Savage backdrop

Outdoors- Nikon D850, 35mm 1.4


Mom's dress from Michealboy


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