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4 Tips to Get Through Busy Season | TKP Education

As we all labor through this hectic fall season, the team over here at The Kindred Path wanted to provide some words of encouragement and advice on how to gracefully get through this busy period.

It is so easy to become swamped with sessions, feel overworked, and lose motivation during the fall season. Although we all know it is temporary, the effects can certainly feel lasting! We want to cheer you on and remind you that you CAN do this and do so with grace, determination, and ease.

Here are four tips that help us during this busy time.

1. Find one creative challenge for every session | Marie

Marie Tilkens, Marie Elizabeth Photography

It can be easy to fall into a static routine when we have session after session. After all, having workflows can be a good thing! However, I find that sometimes I get trapped into photographing the same poses, angles, compositions, etc. when I have little time to rest. For me, approaching each session with the goal of capturing one unique image that encompasses my brand can be a fun challenge! It encourages me to start every session with a fresh eye and a new goal in mind. Try it for your next session, and hopefully you'll walk away inspired!

2. Plan something just for you | Adrianne

Adrianne Shelton, Beatific Visions Photography

Whether it's a getaway, a massage, a workshop, or a personal project, be sure to plan something just for you. Busy season can make us lose sight of our own needs, and inspiration can sometimes feel lacking. I always find that having something on the books to look forward to can keep my motivation going in a healthy way. I'm a big fan of planning my own family session right at the end of fall, because it's something I love to do. I take the time to preserve my clients' families, and my reward at the end of the season is to bring home pictures of my favorite people to enjoy on our walls through the cold months when we are snuggled up indoors.

3. Document the details | Rebecca

Rebecca Allen, Becca Allen Photography

In fall family sessions, I feel added pressure to make sure I create some classic portraits for my clients, the everyone-look-at-me variety, and those kind of images just aren't what makes my heart sing. I take extra care during these sessions to document as many details as I can - sweet little nods to the season and milestone for my client's family. Things like pudgy hands on golden leaves, rosy, wind-blown cheeks, wispy curls sticking out from a little bonnet, and short little legs dangling from mama's hips. While these might not be the images the families select for their holiday cards, I know that these will be the photographs they come back to in 20 years when they want to really feel these days again.

4. Be intentional with your time | Lauren

Lauren Sosler, Lauren Sosler Photography

Be intentional with your time, from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. Create an intentional schedule with work hours, home hours, and you hours. The “YOU” hours are honestly the most important thing to prioritize and schedule during busy season. Take that time in the morning to enjoy your hot coffee while you read a book, go workout, meet up with a friend, garden, or whatever is a stress relief and a joy for you, do it.

We hope these simple tips will help you get through this busy time. Wishing you a smooth fall season!


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