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August 25, 2022 - Embracing Motherhood

By Emma Lambros, Morning Star Photos

Chandler, Arizona

About This Session:

This beautiful family are dear friends of mine. When they asked me to be their photographer for their first boy among 3 other girls, I was touched. Watching this mama go from being a single mother of one to finding the perfect man that embraced his role as a husband and father Day 1 was nothing short of a miracle, and an incredible blessing to see them continue to build their family to this day. In the middle of the session, mama looked over at me and said that now, after all these years, she feels as if she has finally embraced her motherhood- that a stillness of content has washed over her. Truly, her joy radiates in these photos, where she is surrounded by the beautiful chaos of family life. This session is an example of the unique peace, love, and joy mothers receive in these everyday moments.

Equipment Used:

Canon Mark 5D II

Zeiss 50mm 1.4


Mother's Dress: Nothing Fits But

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